A Home Buyers Guide to Brisbane & the Various Areas

Brisbane has fast become the favourite town for people considering a move away from the hectic lifestyles of places like Sydney and Melbourne, but who aren’t quite up to a complete rural lifestyle just yet. In other words, Brisbane truly offers the best of both worlds. While it might be smaller and quieter than Sydney and Melbourne, where it lacks in size it more than makes up for in other attractions including exposure to arts and culture, and an explosive music scene.

Its busy schedule of events and festivals have earned it the nickname “Brisvegas”, but don’t let that name scare you off. It’s still one of the best places to live in Queensland with a strong economy, plenty of job opportunities and one of the highest average salaries in Australia. Here’s our home buyers’ guide to Brisbane — the inland city with the laid back feel.

Getting to Know the True Brisbane

Brisbane is a city committed to the environment, as one of the most biologically diverse capitals in the country. Here are some points to help you get to know the true Brisbane a little better:

  • Cycle On: The CityCycle scheme offers a very viable alternative to cars and public transportation.
  • Laneways and Hideaways: What really stands out when you take a more intimate look at the city is its little laneways where locals find the best hideaways to hang out and relax including bars, hipster cafes and coffee shops. It also has other surprises, with colourful street art, and unusual architecture that is quite unexpected.
  • Green Spaces: Brisbane has carefully thought out public spaces that seem to be dedicated to an easy lifestyle. Beautifully maintained parks keep the mind relaxed with lovely spaces like the Botanical Gardens and Roma Street Parkland.
  • Waterway: If the idea of being inland and away from sandy shores makes you sad, Brisbane River can qualm those fears. The charming pedestrian and cycling paths make it easy to take in the waters riding along the edge of the river. Feeling lazy? A free ride on the CityHopper ferry takes you on a meandering trip down the river.

Brisbane is experiencing ongoing growth with more community and cultural precincts underway as well as an expansion for entertainment venues and theatres. Transportation improvements addressing Brisbane Metro, Cross River Rail line, the airport and International Cruise Terminal makes it easier to travel into, out of and around the city. Investments in construction projects up to 2025 alone will reach about $30 billion.

Housing in Brisbane

Buying and renting in Brisbane is more affordable than in Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane is quite compact, making development an interesting prospect for city planners. As a result, one of the driving factors in Brisbane real estate is city centre apartments popping up everywhere. Vertical living has become an extremely popular choice with stunning views from modern towers along the river and convenient locations offering affordable pricing.

This is especially enticing for young couples drawn to the tower’s glamour and proximity to all the action. Family homes found in the best suburbs in Brisbane vary drastically in price with the most affordable properties found in Kingston, and the more expensive price tags found in prominent areas like Paddington and New Farm. Some of the best suburbs in Brisbane include:

You also have to consider north vs south and east vs west.

North vs South

Throw a river in the middle of a city and watch the debates begin: which side is better? The southside arguably offers a less uptight lifestyle. It is more accessible for the practical things in life, like roads, more diverse and enjoyable food, even simple things like more available services. It’s also the artsier side where you’ll find places like the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. The best suburbs in Brisbane and areas on the southside include Annerley, Dutton Park, Fairfield, and West End.

In contrast, the northside might be considered “socially upward” with a less modern look that appeals to one’s sense of aesthetics. It has more heritage buildings, more individual properties, and even more businesses as the central business district. But many dislike the traffic challenges presented by narrow streets that wind their way through certain areas. The best suburbs in Brisbane and areas in the northside include Auchenflower, Taringa, Petrie Terrace, Albion and Clayfield.   

East vs West

Now for east versus west. You’ll find some of the best suburbs in Brisbane on both sides. In the east people tend to hold onto their properties for a long time, making it an area ideal for your forever home. It has access to the coast, with major infrastructure projects underway. It is known for what many consider blue-chip properties, but if you’re thinking of buying an apartment this is not the area to look. Its highly desirable Woolloongabba Logan Road precinct, in hand with bikeways and riverfront recreational green spaces make it an ideal spot for active lifestyles. If you love nature and perfectly manicured lawns the west is calling your name.

Home to Mt Coot-tha, Brisbane’s tallest mountain, you’ll discover hectare after hectare of natural beauty from open eucalyptus forest to rainforest gullies and panoramic views to creek lines. Many of the areas in the east have a far more rural feel, with many backyards boasting actual bushland, yet the area is very accessible by train, car, and public transportation. Here you’ll find lovely Queenslander homes that set the heart at ease.  

10 Questions To Help You Decide Where to Live 

  1. Where do you work and how long of a commute are you willing to make?
  2. Do you prefer to catch public transport to work, maybe bike or even walk?
  3. What kind of things do you like to do on weekends?
  4. Is being near a park important?
  5. Do you like a ‘green’ area, or do you prefer being near shops, restaurants, and events?
  6. Do you travel up or down the coast frequently?
  7. Do you travel frequently and require easy access to the airport (post-COVID-19)?
  8. Do you like wide-open spaces or are you ok to be closer to neighbours?
  9. What kind of view do you like, city view, river view, district views or views don’t really matter?
  10. What is your budget?

When you answer these questions, chances are you’ll find Brisbane might be just right.

Buying that perfect family home in the best suburbs in Brisbane doesn’t have to be time-consuming and stressful. Whether you’re looking for your family home, or want to secure the very best asset to start or add to your property portfolio, we’ll ensure you acquire the best possible property, price, and terms.

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