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As one of the most experienced and well connected Buyers’ Agents in Brisbane, we’re driven to save you time, money and stress by taking away the hassles that come from buying property. Our client’s enjoy our highly responsive service,  unmatched price outcomes, ‘Off-Market’ opportunities, expert negotiation tactics and a stress-free buying experience.

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Save Time

We uncover your exact property needs, desires and lifestyle goals as efficiently and effectively as possible, making sure it’s all within your budget.

The win: We’ll think of everything and do all of the leg-work so you don’t have to!

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Powerful Network

We’ve been networking with the best real estate agents, builders, architects & mortgage brokers in the Brisbane real estate market for over a decade, opening up an entire world of off market properties most buyers never get to see.

The win: Over 65% of our purchases for clients are never advertised, so you get to the best properties before anyone else.

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Effective Offer Advice

We’ll help you secure a great deal without letting your dream home slip through the cracks. We’ll make sure that no matter what happens with market prices or sentiment, you don’t ever pay more than the home is worth.

The win: Confidence and piece of mind knowing you secured the right property at the right price.

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We are in your corner and go nose to nose with sellers’ agents who only care about what they want.

The win: We protect your interests using instinctive negotiation skills to keep the price right and terms reasonable.

At Locate Buyers’ Agency, we’re all about simplifying the home search and acquisition process so you can actually enjoy the experience.

Buying house in Brisbane should be one of the best moments of your life. We make sure the joy of finally finding the home in Brisbane you’ve always wanted far outshines the stressful business of finding and negotiating your purchase. We are the property Buyers Agent Brisbane trusts.

Whether it’s the city of Brisbane that’s new to you,  and you are suffering for where to buy property in Brisbane. The buying process, or both, we’ll make the process simple, fast and fulfilling. We’re driven by the excitement of the hunt and the ultimate joy our clients experience when we find the right home.

And we do it all with integrity and a firm commitment to you.

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What is a Buyers’ Agent?

A buyers’ agent is a professional who represents clients looking to buy property. They are tasked with sourcing and securing the best possible deal for their client, which includes finding properties that meet all of your needs at an affordable price point, as well as handling the price and contract negotiations so you don’t overpay.

At Locate Buyers Agency, we choose to work exclusively on behalf of our client, meaning we don’t receive any other form of payment from other parties (such as “cashbacks” or “kickbacks” sometimes offered by developers and/or property marketeers).

We pride ourselves on acting free of bias and always in the best interests of our client.


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What is a Buyers’ Agent?

A buyers’ agent is a professional who represents clients looking to buy property. They are tasked with sourcing and securing the best possible deal for their client, which includes finding properties that meet all of your needs at an affordable price point, as well as handling the price and contract negotiations so you don’t overpay.


At Locate Buyers Agency, we choose to work exclusively on behalf of our client, meaning we don’t receive any other form of payment from other parties (such as “cashbacks” or “kickbacks” sometimes offered by developers and/or property marketeers).

We pride ourselves on acting free of bias and always in the best interests of our client.


Family Home Buyers Icon

Family Home Buyers

Buying that perfect family home in Brisbane can be fraught with stress, difficulties and will always be a time-consuming process. We’ll work together to secure you the very best asset to either start or add to your property portfolio.

International Buyers

Interstate & International Buyers

Buying ‘Site Unseen’ is often logistically challenging and high risk. By taping into our existing relationships and networks on the ground, you’ll gain immediate insider access to on or off marketing properties that are aligned with your expectations and brief.
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It’s all about the numbers, and with over a decade of property development deals and experience under our belt, we’re well placed to keep you ahead of the Brisbane property market and introduce you to advanced wealth creation strategies.

Visit Our Ultimate Guide To Buying Exceptionally Well In Brisbane

We know that the process of buying a property in Brisbane can be stressful, but our real estate buyers agents are here to help. There are so many things to consider before deciding what your next home will be:

“What type of property would best suit our needs? How much should we be open to paying? What can we expect given our price range in the current market?”

This Ultimate Guide to Buying Well In Brisbane from Locate Buyers Agency will give you insights into what it takes to get it right – from understanding where all those great deals are (and how much they really cost) right down to some handy tips on making sure the negotiation process runs smoothly and in your favor!

Click on the link below to visit Our Ultimate Guide To Buying Exceptionally Well In Brisbane.

Featured Client Success Interview

Matthew and Lisa were trying to find a family friendly house in Brisbane and were finding it challenging to keep up with the pace of the Brisbane market. Deals were being done and homes were getting sold at a pace they were not familiar with.  Matthew was kind enough to share how we tackled that problem head on as well as what it was like to work with us.

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Just A Few Recent Purchases For Our Clients

Primary Residence Purchase Coorparoo
Primary Residence Purchase Kangaroo Point
Primary Residence Purchase Norman Park
Investment Purchase Wavell Heights
Investment Purchase Wavell Heights
Investment Purchase Wavell Heights
Industrial Property Purchase Tingalpa
Industrial Property Purchase Tingalpa
Industrial Property Purchase Tingalpa
Investment Purchase Ascot
Investment Purchase Ascot
Investment Purchase Ascot

About Shane Hiscock & Locate Buyers Agency

Locate Founder and Director Shane Hiscock is one of the most sought after and experienced property Buyers Agents in Brisbane. Over the past 12+ years, Shane has worked in the property sector as both a Brisbane Buyers Agent and, at times, a Development Manager across a wide range of residential and commercial development projects.

It’s this multidisciplinary skill set that sets Shane and the Locate team apart from other Brisbane real estate Buyers Agents. Combining the skills of both a Buyers Advocate and Development Manager, Shane & the team at Locate Buyers Agency have crafted a goals-focused, detail-oriented method to buying property that is unmatched by other Brisbane Buyers Agents.

In the role of a Brisbane Buyers Agent, Shane now passes his property skills and know-how directly to Brisbane Home Buyers, Investors & Property Developers to ensure they are informed and make the right choices when it comes to buying property.

The relationships Shane has developed across the Brisbane real estate industry during this 12+ year career is extended directly to our clients to ensure they are always two steps ahead.

Our Property Buyers Agent service is designed to simplify the purchase process and to provide our clients with access to opportunities the general public are seldom aware of.

Prior to pursuing a career as a Brisbane property buyers advocate, Shane also held numerous senior sales and business development roles with IBM Australia.

Shane lives in Ashgrove with is wife and 2 children and enjoys cycling 7x days per week.

Service We Provide

Full Service Brisbane Buyers Agency Service

Finding that perfect family home can be very time consuming and frustrating. Hauling the family around from open house to open house isn’t fun and many of our residential clients are relieved to get their weekends back and allow us to take over the process for them.

​Our full buyers agent service starts with a tailored strategy session and includes full research, negotiation and management of the purchase process through to settlement.

​If you are becoming frustrated with the search for your family home, are not seeing enough properties that suit your criteria, you want to stop being called constantly by sales agents and want to find your perfect property faster, we can likely help.

House with stairs

Leverage Our Network of Local Brisbane Professionals

Buying property in Brisbane is fast becoming a team sport.

After doing this for over a decade, we’ve gotten to know some of Brisbane best real estate agents, builders, developers, architects and mortgage brokers. We love working with the most reputable names in Brisbane property to do what it takes to secure the best deals possible for our clients.


You don’t have to take our word for it. Our clients love us and have plenty to say on our behalf.

“As a real estate professional myself, I frequently refer Shane to both residential homebuyers and investors alike. The biggest thing for me is that Shane himself is a business owner who goes above and beyond in servicing his clientele and those I refer. I’ve seen first hand his ‘client first approach’, where he has the client’s best interests at the forefront of what he does.

Plus, he has a down to earth and personable approach which definitely sets him apart from the rest.”

Jacob Pirrone

Director, Pirrone Property

“I frequently refer Locate Buyer Agency to family, friends, and clients alike. Shane is one of the best in the business and i’ve experienced first hand how people get great service, great knowledge and great value from working with him.

I know that when I pass a client, family member or a friend on to Shane, they’re going to get exactly the same level of service as we would offer them.”

Lachlan Grant

Managing Director,

“We were in the market in Brisbane for a while and nothing ever seemed to come up that we were happy with. Whenever something did, we would find there was lots of competition on the property itself, which was driving the price up.

Shane was able to show me a property within 24 hours that was in the market I’d been looking at for years with the criteria I wanted, that was not advertised for sale. Shane is a professional guy, comes across with integrity and has access to property that are not necessarily advertised. I wouldn’t purchase another property without running it by him first.”

Andrew Walker

Director, Walker Hill Group

“Shane and the Locate Buyers Agency team were amazing. We were buying from interstate and they walked us through everything from describing each suburb and street intimately through to discussing the reputation of the builders of a lot of properties. Shane was extremely patient and obliging in answering all our questions, no matter how trivial. His approach with Real Estate agents was extremely professional and ethical and his negotiating skills were first class. We secured a pre/off market property after just 4 weeks. The team went beyond our expectations! Thanks Shane and team for finding an amazing property and making this experience less stressful and enjoyable”
Scott Robinson

“As a busy person I was able to leave the purchase of our property in the capable hands of someone with the experience and local knowledge. Especially as this was a high value purchase, and we were interstate it was reassuring to have someone watching our back and ensuring we were paying a fair and reasonable price for our property. We purchased sight unseen with no stress and are incredibly happy with the job Shane done for us. Highly recommended, I will never purchase another property without someone like Shane representing me.”
Brendan Appleby

“Open, transparent and flexible are some of the words I would use to describe Shane. Being a buyer from Sydney, I needed someone who knew Brisbane market intimately and would present the best property my budget allowed. Shane made the buying process easy from day one and we settled 8 weeks later! I would highly recommend his services whether you’re are local buyer or interstate investor.”
Ross Ung

Frequently Asked Questions About Buyers Agents

What exactly is the role of a Brisbane Buyers Agent and what are their fees?
A buyers agent is employed by a buyer to establish a shortlist of properties that meet specific criteria. Buyer’s agent then takes the clients to inspect the selected properties and negotiate the purchase price on the buyer’s behalf or bid at auction. Learn more about exactly what a buyers agent does here.

There is a fee for using a buyers agent, but the main advantages are that Buyers agents spend 100% of their professional time in the Brisbane property market. This means that an experienced Buyers Agent can save buyers time from having to look at unsuitable properties themselves.

In many cases, the fee the Buyers Agent charges is negligible compared to the value created in terms of saved time and money. Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our clients say by clicking here.

Learn more about buyers agent fees here.

Who uses a Buyers Agent?
The number of people using a Brisbane Buyers Agent is gradually increasing as word spreads. The majority of homes we purchase for our clients are never advertised for sale to the general public, meaning just about everyone can benefit from engaging the right buyers’ agent.

Dream home buyers, first home buyers, property investors and retirees/downsizers all benefit from our service to help them locate, negotiate and purchase their ideal house.

Do I have to speak to the Selling Agent?
A Buyers Agent will represent you during each step of the process. A great Buyers Agent will help you create the right brief and then will be in constant contact with you every step of the journey – like a close friend or partner.
How long will a Buyers Agent help me for?
Until the right home is found, purchased and settled. Our I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed – we leave no stone unturned. Our support will be ongoing at each step of the way.
What is the difference between a Buyers Agent and a Selling Agent?
When you find yourself in need of an agent to help with your real estate needs, it is important that the person who will be working on your behalf has YOUR best interests at heart.

Sales agents are specifically trained and have years of experience negotiating contracts on behalf of the property’s seller. This means that as a buyer, you’re going up against seasoned professionals with years of experience and professional development under their belts. The deck is stacked against you.

By contrast, a Brisbane Buyers Agent is an experienced professional who acts solely for you – the home buyer. This levels the playing field and instantly equips the buyer with years of experience in finding, valuing and negotiating property transactions. In other words, a Brisbane Buyers Agent levels the playing field and acts with the buyer’s best interests and desires at heart – not the seller.

I’m located in another state, can you buy on my behalf even if I’m not there?

Absolutely! We purchase investment property and homes for interstate and overseas clients on a frequent basis.

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