Obtaining Your Dream Home: Our Professional Method for Locating the Ideal Property

Greetings, property enthusiasts! In this week’s video update, we’re delving into a topic that frequently arises during our client discovery calls – the quest to find the perfect home. Clients often express their struggles in securing a property that truly aligns with their dreams and desires. They ask, “Can you help us find this elusive house?” The short answer is a resounding “Yes!” Our property buyers agency is well-equipped to uncover more options than the average buyer thanks to our unique approach, meticulous process, and extensive industry relationships.

Mastering Property Investment: A Tale of Two Complexes

Welcome to this week’s insightful video, where we delve into the dynamic world of property investment. Over the past weekend, we embarked on an exciting journey, securing multiple properties for our esteemed clients. The market, dear viewers, is displaying unmistakable signs of resurgence, with the school holidays soon drawing to a close. This impending shift heralds the arrival of a wave of new listings set to grace the market.

Unlocking Brisbane’s Real Estate Treasures: Stories of Lifestyle and Prosperity

Exploring Astute Property Selections: Crafting Wealth and Lifestyle

In our ongoing quest to find the perfect properties for our valued clients, we’ve recently had the pleasure of assisting two remarkable individuals in their real estate journeys. These discerning clients hail from the picturesque region of North Queensland, and their stories exemplify the diverse aspirations and investment goals that the dynamic Brisbane property market has to offer.

Revitalize Your Property Search: Overcoming Buyer Fatigue with Expert Guidance

Welcome to this week’s insightful video update, where we delve into a common phenomenon that many property buyers encounter: buyer fatigue. We understand the frustration and exhaustion that can accompany the journey to finding your dream property. In our conversations with sales agents and clients, we’ve observed the symptoms of buyer fatigue surfacing more frequently. Today, we explore what it entails and how our expert guidance can revitalize your property search, providing you with a renewed sense of confidence and peace of mind.

The three phases for buying well in Brisbane Phase one: The “Present”

Buying a property can feel daunting. We’re talking about a major financial commitment –often the biggest purchase most people will make in their lifetime. There’s also the emotional investment of selecting a space for you and your family to live in for the next few years. You really want to get the purchase right.

Five signs it’s time to talk to a buyers’ agent

In my job I see the same people, week after week, open home after open home. Many are exhausted from attending yet another run of inspections, burning up their precious Saturday and feeling no closer to success. If you’ve been trying to buy, I have five tell tale signs that it’s time to stop and call a professional.

The mistake costing some buyers thousands

I was recently reminded of a common problem that can cost some buyers either the opportunity to purchase their dream home, or thousands more dollars in a transaction. It’s a mistake that’s amplified when markets are shifting gear too – which is exactly the case right now.

How to assess the value of a unit

Units have been in demand among many buyers of late. Increased cost of living and tighter rental conditions – along with rising rental returns – have seen buyer numbers swell for attached housing.

Olympic gold for Brisbane investors

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in a cave below a coal mine in the middle of a distant planet, you’d be aware Brisbane has won the right to host the 2032 Olympic Games. It’s going to be a sensational event when the world’s eyes will focus on our neck of the woods while we host the most significant celebration of sport on earth.

Is the window of opportunity closing?

This month, the RBA chose to pause on their program of consecutive rate rises. Our team at Locate think this was a smart move. Annual inflation had fallen for three months in a row. In addition, there are other tensions playing out in the economy, so continued rate increases threatened an overshoot that could have plunged Australia into recession.

Help me do some good

This week’s report is about something very close to my heart. While it’s true I have a passion for property, there is an even more important reason to read our report, watch my
video, and act.

This is about helping kids who are less fortunate than we are.

I pre-recorded my video update because, by the time you read this, I will be in New Zealand helping raise funds for two extremely worthy charities in an event organised by a group called Chain Reaction.

Assessing market value Part 3: The market and your choices

Welcome to the final instalment of my series about accurately assessing a property’s market value.

In my earlier videos and blogs, I discussed the essential elements for determining land value and considerations related to the house and improvements.

So, this week it’s about assessing the influence of the market on a property’s value and why you might choose to be more, or less, bullish with your offer.

Luxury apartment revolution

One of the most interesting aspects of being a buyers’ agent is observing how Brisbane’s property market changes and evolves. In recent times, you may have heard about the uptick in demand for affordable units. The reason is that buyers who are unwilling to compromise on location but are hamstrung by price are choosing units as an alternative to a house.

Assessing market value Part 2: Improvements

Welcome to the second in my video blog series about accurately assessing a property’s market value. In last week’s video I discussed the essential elements for determining land value either as a vacant site or as a component a home’s overall value. I also covered some...

Assessing market value Part 1: Land

Accurately assessing market value is essential when buying a property. It ensures you either don’t overpay for a home or can quickly spot an excellent opportunity so you can proceed with confidence in negotiations.As a buyers’ agents I like to adopt three approaches...

The four steps to engaging Locate Buyers Agency

Here at Locate Buyers Agency, we have four crucial steps in the client engagement process. These points of contact ensure the client is fully informed about our buyers’ agent process. They also help us confirm we can add value to the transaction and achieve the purchaser’s outcomes.
Here are our four steps for taking on a new client.

The dynamics of the buying decision

When homebuying, a client will have many questions around strategy and timing. They’ll want to know if they should purchase now or wait. They’ll also be keen to understand whether to compromise on condition or shoot for quality. They’ll be eager to understand the prospect of property values rising and how that fits with their plans.

How 2023 is already shaping up

Most property market professionals will tell you it’s difficult to gauge market direction for the coming year until we’ve seen several weeks of sales activity. But a buyers’ agency like ours is in a unique position compared to office-based analysts and economists. As a buyers’ agent we are on the ground and engaging daily with purchasers and sellers from our first workday of the year.

What You Need to Become A Buyers Agent

If you’re wondering how to become a buyers agent, in this video Shane runs you through all of the necessary accreditations and insurances required in addition to what it takes to succeed in the industry.

What is a buyers agent?
What is a buyers agent?

While buyers’ agents have been around for decades in Australia, their prominence has risen dramatically in the past 10 years. Yet, we’re still often asked what a buyers’ agent does and who benefits most from our skills. Well, here’s an answer to some of those burning questions, and they explain why it’s crucial to have a buying specialist on your side.

Buyers agent fees and the value we add

Buyers’ agents in Australia have grown in prominent throughout the past decade. What started as a niche profession has evolved into an industry that assists purchasers in locations across the nation. But while we’ve gained recognition as a profession, there’s still some hesitancy among the wider population because many don’t know what our fees are and how much value we bring to the transaction.

Locate Brisbane Market Update 18 November 2022 – What makes for an A-Grade property?

When it comes to purchasing a property, most buyers will strive for quality. The appeal of owning a fantastic home with excellent long-term capital growth potential can’t be beat. As a result, we find demand for A-Grade homes remains fairly constant regardless of what’s happening in other residential sectors, and this week’s key sales are a reminder of this premise.

Prestige Drivers – Brisbane Market Update 11 November 2022

On the surface, Brisbane’s property market is delivering mixed messages, but if you dig deeper the data begins to make sense. Look at the Auction Clearance rate for example. It describes the percentage of properties that went to auction this week and sold under the hammer. Many consider it an up-to-date gauge of market performance.

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