Success Stories

Andrew & Elaine

From the French Alps to the Sunny Brisbane, I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Andrew and Elaine who were kind enough to share their recent property acquisition journey and the experience in working with Locate Buyers Agency.


Matthew & Lisa

Matthew and Lisa were trying to find a family friendly house in Brisbane and were finding it challenging to keep up with the pace of the Brisbane market. Deals were being done and homes were getting sold at a pace they were not familiar with.  Matthew was kind enough to share how we tackled that problem head on as well as what it was like to work with us.

Helen & Nick

Helen & Nick were presently surprised when our strategic approach to negotiation resulted in securing their dream home at a price that covered our fee (and then some)! Nick and Helen also discuss how they felt really included throughout the process and how working with us was a true partnership.

Andi & Andrew

First Home Buyers Andi & Andrew  going through the motions for twelve months before they started to work with us.

Belinda & Daniel

Belinda & Daniel had a very specific brief and were after a property type that is as rare as hens teeth in the current market. Belinda and I have a great chat about the home buying experience and Belinda explains why using a Buyers Agent is an absolute must for anyone looking to buy a property in Brisbane.

Want to work with us?

At Locate, we are your dedicated connection to the market – our exclusive databases and our inside knowledge of values and trends, allows us to evaluate and shortlist suitable properties, whilst also factoring in important future benefits such as capital growth and rental yields.

Most importantly we are 100% on your side and can be involved as much as you need. It’s our job to deal with all the selling agents – in order to negotiate the best deal and ensure you don’t overpay – and to take care of any inspections, surveys and contracts.

We’re certain that you’ll actually love the buying process as much as you’ll love your new home!

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We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our full Buyer's Agent service. If our first two weeks of working together do not meet your expectations, we'll happily refund your fees in full - no questions asked! We only sign clients who we think will be a great fit and are sure to achieve an outstanding outcome.