Graceville 4075

Why Graceville?

Graceville is a leafy residential suburb located 7.8 kilometres south-west of the Brisbane CBD. The suburb is bordered by the Brisbane River to the North-East and West, Oxley Creek to the East, Chelmer to the North, and Sherwood to the South. It’s centred on its own railway station, the Ipswich railway line. 

It is comprehensively covered with stunning shopping centres, restaurants, and cafes. Some of the shopping centres include Sherwood Central, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, and The Station Oxley, among others. Restaurants include Nguyen’s Kitchen, Boucher French Bistro, and Grace Platter, among other amazing ones. Some fabulous cafes in the suburb include Goodness Gracious Café, Hunter & Scout Café, and Café 63, among others. You’ll have a great time in these shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Transport services are plentiful in the suburb. The main roads connecting Graceville are Oxley Road, Graceville Avenue, and Honour Avenue. There are also great walking and biking paths along the Brisbane River, where you can enjoy a quiet and calm environment.

Graceville is also home to beautiful parks and reserves, such as Graceville Avenue Park, Graceville Memorial Park, Faulkner Park, and Simpsons Playground Reserve.

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As per the latest census reports, Graceville has an approximate population of 4,213 people. 51.7% of the population is made of female while 48.3 is made of male. It serves people from all classes, including professionals, retirees, singles, families, young adults, and students. People residing in the area are from different nationalities, with Australians making the largest percentage.

Health, Education, and Schooling

Graceville has excellent private and public hospitals that offer the best care. Some of the hospitals include Graceville Medical, The Wesley Hospital, and Toowong Private Hospital.

There are many schools in Graceville, including pre-school, primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions. Some schools include Chelmer-Graceville Kindergarten, Graceville State School, and The University of Queensland which is located 7.8 kilometres away. With excellent public transport, schooling is extremely easy.

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