A prime property buying opportunity during Christmas

Here’s why the festive season is an outstanding opportunity to buy fantastic pre-market property that only astute buyers know about.

We’re in a wonderful part of the year right now. Most people are in wind-down mode. Workplaces have become a little more flexible about productivity as we near those celebratory days off.

It might be tempting to think now is a good time to delay your property buying decisions, but I’d urge you to reconsider. There are actually a few good reasons why we’re in a prime window of opportunity to take advantage of the “sleepy” property market and secure a pre-market home while others are napping.

In fact, this time of year can be an absolute gift for well-prepared purchasers working with a buyers’ agent.

Primed sellers

People sell real estate for myriad reasons and a lot of big decisions get made around this festive period. Some are perhaps looking to move to a new place – quite a few will be seeking a shift interstate of even further afield. For others, it’s the need to free up equity and regear themselves for rising interest rates or a change in financial circumstances.

Whatever the reason, those who want or need to sell their property are mentally prepared to do it.

Now, what we often see this time of year is that these vendors are holding  off formally listing until January or February. They’ve done their due diligence on selecting an agent. They’ve run the marketing options and signed the exclusive listing form.

But like everyone else, they also want to enjoy their holidays. Perhaps they’re going away for a few weeks. Even if they are staying home for the next few weeks, there are celebrations to be enjoyed – office parties, family time, New Year revelries etc.

The kids are home from school and the house is a hive of activity too. Who wants to deal with open homes and one-off inspections right now? Too much trouble having to keep the place tidy. It’s a time for fun and relaxation, not the stresses of selling your home.

So, everything is primed and ready to go for 2023, sitting on the agent’s books but not yet publicly listed for sale.

But if you have a great rapport with a solid network of agents, these Christmas “sleeper listings” can be absolute gems.

The talented and committed selling agents I know are always up for a transaction. I am constantly surprised by the number of calls and emails I get around this period from agents asking if we have clients who might be looking to buy despite the holidays.

I love receiving these calls. Why? Because the vendor is already mentally committed to selling the home and they’re open to buyer interest.

I also like to put out the feelers myself among our networks. Clients who know what they want and are open to discussion make an attractive proposition for sellers during the Christmas season.

In addition, most other buyers are already in holiday mode. Many have “checked out” for the next few weeks preferring to pick up the search again come the new year.

That translates into less purchaser competition for these listings.

Christmas’s golden opportunity

In the past I have secured some outstanding deals in and around Christmas simply because I’ve made myself and my clients open to pre-market opportunities.

So, if you have decided to buy, and are ready to go, I urge you not to delay your moves. There are some incredibly options to be had right now if you are dealing with a well-connected buyers’ agent. Do so and you may gift yourself the ideal home at a price you can’t believe while all the other buyers are sleeping off the overindulgence.