Help me do some good

This week’s report is about something very close to my heart. While it’s true I have a passion for property, there is an even more important reason to read our report, watch my video, and act.

This is about helping kids who are less fortunate than we are.

I pre-recorded my video update because, by the time you read this, I will be in New Zealand helping raise funds for two extremely worthy charities in an event organised by a group called Chain Reaction.

Chain Reaction co-ordinate six- to seven-day riding events where participants ride around 1000 kilometres.

Our team will be riding from Christchurch to Queenstown which incorporates over 1000 kilometres in distance and 12,000 metres in climbing. It’ll be hard work, but the multiple early mornings I’ve spent pushing the peddles over the past few years should help. Also, any pain will be worth it as I get to support two exceptional charities by raising funds through sponsorship.

The first charity is AEIOU, a Brisbane based organisation which provides early childhood support and learning for kids with autism.

The other charity is Traction who help youth experiencing troubled times. Traction use a simple program of letting the kids restore a bike with help from mentors and coaches. The outcomes deliver more confidence, skills and resilience to the children involved.

I need your help

Here’s where you can step in. You can support these fabulous organisations by sponsoring my ride. Simply click on this link ( and sponsor my efforts. I’ll also be checking in so everyone can track my progress.

Property ownership and investment are rewarding journeys, but taking some time to recognise how fortunate we all are and looking for ways to give back to others can deliver a huge dose of satisfaction and gratitude.

Cheers everyone and I look forward to catching up with you again on my return.