An Overview of The Process When Partnering with A Buyers’ Agent

It’s no secret that Brisbane is attracting more and more home buyers drawn to the affordable prices and its enticing lifestyle. Once a sleepier option than its counterparts Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane has well and truly come into its own as a world-class city. However, trying to find your Brisbane home can not only be time consuming, but also incredibly frustrating; in particular if you aren’t familiar with the market. If house hunting has lost its excitement, it’s probably time to consider the buyers agents Brisbane house hunters trust.

Here we look at the process and why it makes sense to partner with an expert to help you find your ideal home.

What Does a Buyers’ Agent Do?

Simply put, a buyers’ agent represents your best interests to help you find your ideal home. They consider your needs and budget, then use their knowledge of the real estate market to shortlist your choices. They then negotiate on your behalf using their expertise and experience to help you get the best conditions and price. Once your offer is accepted, they manage the purchase process right through to settlement. Buyers’ agents also have the inside scoop on Brisbane’s off-market properties. These homes are not advertised through the usual real estate channels. Because they are listed either on special websites or through sellers’ agents, home buyers going it alone miss out on some extremely attractive options.

One of our recent clients, Brisbane based Accounting Firm Director Andrew Walker had the following to say about consistently missing out prior to getting Locate involved:

“We were in the market in Brisbane for a while and nothing ever seemed to come up that we were happy with. Whenever something did come up, we would find there was lots of competition on the property itself, which was driving the price up.

Shane was able to show me a property within 24 hours that was in the market I’d been looking at for years with the criteria and specs that I wanted, that was not advertised for sale. Shane is a professional guy, comes across with a lot of integrity and has access to property that are not necessarily advertised. I wouldn’t purchase another property without probably running it by him first.”

Here’s how a buyers’ agent makes the home buying process easier:

1. Tailored Strategy Session

When hunting alone, a search online provides a long list of homes, different neighbourhoods, different price points, etc. In other words, it can be overwhelming. When working with a buyers’ agent your house hunt begins with a tailored strategy session. Discovering your wants and needs, considering your budget constraints, and understanding your lifestyle are all important considerations when finding a home. Locate Buyers’ Agency speaks to each client to learn more about what they expect and then goes right into research mode. We do all the legwork for you so we can narrow down your choices quickly. Suddenly your house hunt is highly focused, so you only look at the homes that make sense for you.

2. Streamlining the Search

Frustration for home buyers often stems from not being able to find homes that suit their criteria. With so many homes on the market, whenever you click on a home or try to find information, you can draw attention from traditional real estate (sellers) agents looking for a buyer. This leads to constant calls that detract from your search and blurs the lines between your needs and the sellers’ agent’s desire to sell. A buyers’ agent on the other hand has one goal: To hustle on your behalf to find your perfect property fast.

3. Neighbourhood Insight

Your lifestyle is particularly important when it comes to finding the right neighbourhood. A move to Brisbane can be daunting, as there are so many neighbourhoods to consider. When you work with a buyers’ agent, you gain insider knowledge that tells the true story about a neighbourhood, or even a particular street. Buyers’ agents live and breathe Brisbane real estate. With an intimate understanding of what each neighbourhood offers, buyers’ agents advise you what area makes the most sense for your needs. Your lifestyle tells your buyers’ agent where to look. This is a big part of the process, as it helps condense your list, so it concentrates on your needs. A buyers’ agent considers what neighbourhood is most likely to check the most boxes for the amenities you desire and the lifestyle you lead.

4. Budget Conscious Recommendations

The Brisbane housing market sees a wide range of prices. When house hunting on your own, it can be difficult to resist the temptation to look at homes out of your price range. You spot a home online that has everything you want, and your emotions whisper, “You’ve got to see this house.” This can only end in heartbreak when you realise too late this house is out of your reach. A buyers’ agent works from your budget. Emotions never come into play. They want you to be happy, so they narrow down the best homes available within your budget to avoid disappointment. This also helps you find your home faster.

5. The Right Price

Offers walk a fine line between what the market will bear and the homeowner’s perceived value of their home, and what the buyer is willing to pay. Buyers’ agents do the research to understand what a fair price looks like in your ideal neighbourhood. When you find a home you’d like to purchase, they advise you on the perfect offer. This number hits the sweet spot that ensures you pay as little as possible while being sure the sellers’ agent will advise their clients to accept. Again, when you fall in love with a home it can be easy to forget your budget and let your emotions convince you your upper limits can be stretched. This can lead to grossly overpaying for a home.

A buyers’ agent keeps everything strictly business, so you only offer within a range that matches the home’s worth. Perhaps even more important, the best buyers’ agent Brisbane offers looks at market conditions. While price is one thing, competition changes the playing field. We know when to go in strong to outbid the competition, or when low balling is reasonable based on market conditions and other recent sales in the area. Other factors include how long a house has sat on the market, if other offers have come in and been rejected, and the terms you are willing to agree to in the offer.

6. Negotiation

When you finally find the home you love, the real work begins for your friendly buyers’ agent. Negotiating the best price with the most reasonable terms is an art form. Conditional offers can have a long list of terms the seller must agree to from financing to inspections. The right buyers’ agency Brisbane home buyers agent hire understands how to protect their clients with the right conditions, without scaring off sellers. At this stage, the deal is sealed, and you finally become a homeowner.

If you’ve found your house hunt frustrating, or simply want someone to guide you through the process, a buyers’ agent is your best bet. At Locate Buyers Agency, we offer down to earth service in hand with over a decade of experience to make your house hunt not only successful but also enjoyable. Schedule a complimentary 20-minute call today.

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