Welcome & Pre-Meeting Homework

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We’re ready and here to help you get ready too. To make the most of your session, it helps to understand our approach and what we bring to the table. Here’s everything you need to know before your upcoming discovery call.


1. Welcome & Introduction

Please watch this short introduction video with Locate Buyers Agency founder Shane Hiscock to find out what you can expect on the up coming zoom call.

2. Approach & Methodology

If you haven’t yet done so already, please watch our short methodology presentation video here.

This video will help you better understand how we locate, negotiate and purchase the right property for each of our clients. It will answer many questions regarding the value we bring to the table and the problems we will take off your plate.

3. Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through some of the frequently asked questions we get from buyers at this stage of the journey who are deciding whether we are the right solution for them.

What Are ‘Off-Market’ Properties & Why Are They Of Interest To Buyer?


We’ll help you overcome the biggest challenge buyers face when finding a home: Missing out on all the properties available for sale. Buyers only have access to the properties publicly listed on websites like realestate.com.au. That means you are only seeing a shortlist of properties to meet your needs, making it harder to find the ideal home. 

As well, you are seeing the same properties as other buyers searching for their ideal too which increases competition. As a result, not only do you have limited choices, but the competition for this shortlist of properties pushes prices higher. The lower the available inventory is to begin with, the hotter the market and the more chance your dream home will be over your budget. 

Part of our solution is to show you off-market properties that are up for sale but not publicly listed. Approximately 30% of properties sold in Brisbane never reach the public domain, so you’ll never know what you’re missing. We’ll help you purchase off-market so you encounter less competition, find a better selection of homes, and avoid the pressures of making fast decisions like you would in an auction. We’ll not only show you these homes but also negotiate more favourable terms and help you pay a lower price.

Why Would Vendors Choose to Sell Off Market?

There are three common reasons why a seller may choose to list their property ‘offmarket‘ which I cover in the short video below…


Why We Choose Exclusivity Agreements

We always go with exclusive agreements because it’s the best way to serve your needs. When Buyers’ Agents take on your search, they are fully committing to your cause. Our job is to find you a home and we take that job seriously. When you sign on with us, you are working with the best. Yes, an exclusive agreement means you have to pay full fees even if you do end up finding a home on your own. 

However, if you choose a Buyers’ Agent that offers the non-exclusive route, be aware that they will almost certainly take full advantage of the fact they are non-exclusive and show your dream home to every other non-exclusive buyer on their list. This means increased competition and higher property prices.

When you get on board our exclusive agreement, you have our attention exclusively. In other words, we are securing you the home you love at a price you can afford and with terms you can live with.

Any worries about you finding a home you love before we do are pretty slim. This is because we’re in the market daily and have established networks and relationships with many, many selling agents. But if you do, tell us, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll still get you the best price and terms negotiating on your behalf. It’s all part of the exclusive agreement.

When to Expect to Find Your Home

We understand that you want to find your dream home now. But keep in mind, the average buyer spends over nine months searching for the right home. When you meet with us, we want you to keep in mind that we cut that time down drastically, averaging just over a month and a half to find and buy your home. 

This is an important thing to prepare for because once we sign on, we go strong and fast to help get you into your dream home. We have a whole team behind us, not to mention a network of selling agents who come to us with their best properties. Add to this our off-market access and you greatly reduce the time involved in finding the right home. We ensure you aren’t rushed so you don’t make snap decisions. 

Instead, the trick behind our success is that we are hyper-focused on your needs and use our network to find what you want quickly. You never miss an opportunity, and you avoid long periods out of the market with the clock ticking on housing prices every day. We avoid showing you maybe homes and instead show you real possibilities we know you’ll consider seriously. The result is you view fewer homes, find a home faster and best of all pay less.

What Our Services Cost

We charge based on a small percentage of your property’s purchase price. Our upcoming discovery call will consider your particular situation and if you decide we are a good fit, a small portion of that fee is paid when you sign on. The balance is then paid once we help you complete your transaction.