Select A Time For Your Free Consultation With Shane Hiscock

Please use the calendar below to pick a time for your free consultation that lines up with both our calendars. Look forward to talking soon.

What We Will Discuss On This Call

1. Your Ideal Property Goal – We need to hear what your perfect property looks like so we can determine the best path forward and uncover any roadblocks standing in the way of you getting it.

2. Your Current Negotiation Strategy – Sitting behind every purchase we make on behalf of clients is an excellent negotiation strategy. Bring to the call your current approach to negotiating with sellers’ agents, and we will give you a high level overview of it’s potential.

3. Your Plan – We’ll advise you on the best path forward to secure your ideal property, assuming that we can help. Our success is dependent on your success, so if we feel we can’t help you we will be upfront and transparent. We will only take on client briefs we feel 100% confident we will knock out of the park.

4. 100% Money Back Guarantee – We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our full Buyer’s Agent service. There are a few simple conditions sitting behind this guarantee to keep things fair for both you and us. Rest assured its very simple and we’ll go over how it works together during the call.

What Others Say About Working With Shane Hiscock & The Locate Buyers Agency Team:

Helen & Nick

Helen & Nick were presently surprised when our strategic approach to negotiation resulted in securing their dream home at a price that covered our fee (and then some)! Nick and Helen also discuss how they felt really included throughout the process and how working with us was a true partnership.

Andrew & Elaine

From the French Alps to the Sunny Brisbane, I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Andrew and Elaine who were kind enough to share their recent property acquisition journey and the experience in working with Locate Buyers Agency.


Andi & Andrew

First Home Buyers Andi & Andrew  going through the motions for twelve months before they started to work with us.