Who Should And Should Not Use A Buyers’ Agent?

When you decide to make a move to Brisbane, or are embarking on your next (or even first) house hunt, it can be tempting to jump in feet first. The exciting prospect of finding that something perfect can have you gung ho about finding that home, which can backfire if you don’t know what to look for. The home buying process in Brisbane is exciting. There is no denying it can even be fun. However, it can also be frustrating or even downright scary if you don’t know the city or the real estate market.

While some home buyers might do just fine flying solo, most will feel a little safer with a parachute. And who provides that parachute? The buyers agent Brisbane depends on to find their dream homes fast. Not sure if you need a Brisbane buyers’ agent? Here’s who should and should not use a buyers’ agent.

The People Who Don’t Need A Brisbane Buyers’ Agent

Don’t use a Brisbane Buyers’ Agent if:

  • No time constraints: If you have tons of time to spend looking for properties all day and aren’t too picky about how much of your time is required to visit inspection after inspection, then a buyers’ agent isn’t really needed.
  • Happy to deal with sellers’ agents: If you are available to field hundreds of calls from all those real estate agents you’ve encountered in your search, you don’t need to hire a Brisbane buyers’ agent to take those calls on their behalf.
  • You know the market: If you feel confident you understand the market and are sitting pretty to place offers that are fair, and never over market value, going it alone will work out fine for you.
  • Expert negotiator: If negotiations are a challenge you love and you have great success at getting the best price and terms, then you are your own expert when it comes to transaction time.
  • You’re a great guestimator: If you’ve won tons of bets by having a knack for guestimations, then you don’t need the expertise of a buyers’ agent to get the best price.
  • Ample properties available: If it’s a buyers’ market with high inventory and plenty of homes to choose from, a buyers’ agent could be seen as dead weight. You can continue to see home after home without the need to rely on an expert who can quickly narrow down your search and put an end to your house hunt quickly.

The People Who Do Need A Brisbane Buyers’ Agent

Do use a Buyers’ Agent if:

  • You lack real estate expertise: If you are unfamiliar with the Brisbane real estate market or if you don’t have an inherent passion for property, a buyers’ agent is your best bet to avoid disappointment or costly mistakes.
  • You’ve been searching too long: If you’ve become tired of the search because you’ve had no luck going it alone, a buyers’ agent will free you of the burden and quickly find a home you’ll love.
  • Pure frustration: If every lead or ad you find turns into a dead-end, a buyers’ agent can help simplify the process and find listings that are likely to end up in a happy sale.
  • Your weekends are wasted on inspections: Enough said here.
  • You Live out of town: If you are making a move to Brisbane from out of town, you can’t physically be available to attend inspections. A Brisbane buyers’ agent does that for you, and only has you come when it makes sense to put in an offer.
  • You don’t want to pay too much: If you don’t know the market it can be easy to overpay for the property you love. A home grown Brisbane buyers agent won’t let this happen.
  • You just can’t find what you want: If you’ve been searching and searching but can’t find what you want, a Brisbane buyers’ agent has an in on special opportunities such as unadvertised off-market properties and pre-market listings that haven’t been listed yet. Buyers’ agents let you in on a far wider range of options you don’t realise are available.
  • You can’t negotiate: Negotiations are one of the most important steps in the purchase process. Even if you feel you’re pretty aggressive it takes a lot of knowledge to get the better of your worthy opponent who brings their many years of Brisbane real estate experience to the table. A buyers’ agent is in your corner and ensures your best interests are protected.
  • You appreciate good service: If you just out and out love personalised service from a professional with extensive property experience ready to advise and guide you in all aspects of the home buying process, you definitely need a buyers’ agent.

In other words, if you want to make life easier, you need a buyers’ agent.

Buyers Beware Of Dual Agency

If you think about the basics of real estate transactions, you begin to see why relying on the advice provided by the real estate agent selling the property this is never a good idea. With one agent representing both the buyer and seller, it is likely the sale will be skewed towards the seller’s best interests. Why? Because the seller gets the money in the transaction. As a result, the agent, even as honest as they might be, has more to gain from a higher price.

A buyers’ agent on the other hand is always working on behalf of their client, the purchaser. Their goal is to find the best home for the best price. They will represent you and negotiate the best terms without worrying about their own commission from the sale.